Turnarounds & Outages

Engineering & Inspections International is comprised of several experts that will work closely with clients to ensure that timely delivery requirements are met without sacrificing the quality and safety of the turnaround process. We have a variety of inspectors and NDT technicians that can provide turnaround and outage services for the oil and gas industry. We know that time and budgets are usually of the essence whenever completing a turnaround so we aim to provide services within a reasonable budget all while maintaining high quality.

What is a Turnaround?

  • Periodic renovations, upgrades, or maintenance that refineries need to undergo
  • Planned shutdown of a refinery
  • Most refineries go through a turnaround every 3-5 years
  • Typically happens when oil production is at its lowest and skilled labor is readily available
  • Typically last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months
  • Extensive inspections and testing completed throughout the process

Past Turnaround Customers

  • United Refining Corporation
  • AES
  • Phillips 66
  • American Refining Group
  • PAR Hawaii