Computed Radiography (CR)

HPX-PRO – The Portable Digital CR System

The HPX-PRO CR system is built for high image quality, improved productivity and extreme portability. This next-generation system is a lightweight, portable CR imaging solution that is quick to deploy and rapidly produces high-quality images utilizing a new single-pass scan/erase protocol.

This new state of the art system helps to provide our technicians with a quick image analysis and unique customizable reports in seconds. The productivity of our crews is increased dramatically from that of traditional Radiography whenever using the Digital CR system.


Our technicians utilize the HPX-1 Plus in the lab environment where high-resolution is critical. The advantage that we can provide by utilizing the HPX-1 Plus is the capability to use extra-long or custom cut plates. By using the longer or custom plates, our throughput time is increased by 30% which decreases the time spent doing the inspection. This system also opens us up to performing Ultrasonic inspections in the aerospace industry.